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Syndr Quickstart Guide


We wanted to create a quick user guide to help our users setup their accounts at minimum cost while establishing a productive content syndication method for their business or blog.  Our goal is to help you establish a system that

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Crowdsourcing with Social Media


What will it take for your content to be seen by the masses? That is one of the first things any blogger or business should be asking themselves. If you haven’t heard of crowdsourcing you can be missing out on

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Best Blog Syndication Tools


Syndicating your blogs to over 50 social networks manually or using an RSS Feed Is quite easy. When you usually hear about blog syndication you usually find a way to auto-post to a few of the top social media sites

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Do’s and Dont’s of Social Signals


Whether you are a company or a person, you all love it when someone shares your content on any of the most used social sites. Every time that occurs, it sends out signals that tell everyone what you create is

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Why Sendible is King of Social Media Management


We wanted to share with our readers why we believe Sendible is a complete social media management platform. Out of all other services, only Sendible can provide the means to distribute your content effectively to more pages per social media

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How Onlywire and Sendible Users can Benefit from each other


We are excited to announce our integration with Onlywire and Sendible. This new feature gives our users the ability to have their content published on all the supported networks on both platforms regardless of which platform they use! Combining these

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Gaining Social Signals Using Content Syndication


Do you really know what social media shares can do for your business? If you’re serious about your business or branding then you better start sending Google social signals. There is no better SEO strategy you can use then telling

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