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Syndicating your blogs to over 50 social networks manually or using an RSS Feed Is quite easy. When you usually hear about blog syndication you usually find a way to auto-post to a few of the top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  If you are just syndicating it to your own social media profiles, then you are really just updating your profiles which only your fans and followers can see. I will teach you how you can quickly update a few of your own social profiles and use our platform to syndicate your blog to 50 social networks and thousands of social media profiles managed by real people.

hootsuiteBlog Syndication Using Hootsuite

If you are not really looking to penetrate as deeply as possible into social media and really just looking to update a few of your profiles, this option may be for you. So you are a blogger or website owner and you want to update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and FourSquare profiles. Join Hootsuite for FREE, add your accounts and you can start scheduling posts immediately. This is the quickest way to update all of your profiles at once manually or using an RSS feed. This blog syndication strategy works best if you already have a few hundred people following you on any of the profiles mentioned above. It will not gain you any social signals unless your connections are liking and sharing your posts.

Blog Syndication ToolsBlog Syndication Using our Platform

This strategy is a little more advanced, it’s for those interested in gaining some serious social media exposure. Our system currently combines two of the top social book-marking tools to update your profiles.  Sendible has the ability to syndicate posts on more pages per social network than any other tool and Onlywire targets more social networks than any other. Combining them both with our platform gives you the ability to update all of your profiles as well as hundreds of other people’s. Using this content marketing strategy will give you some serious social signals! Imagine every time you post manually or via an RSS feed, hundreds of people with up to 50 social networks each sharing your content. Social media marketing is not about updating your profiles alone, it’s about how well your content reaches the masses and the engagement that comes with it. That is viral marketing for you and you do not want to miss out on this!

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One comment on “Best Blog Syndication Tools
  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for sharing I have already been using Hootsuite, I had no idea about Sendible and syndication to other people’s profiles.

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