Crowdsourcing with Social Media

What will it take for your content to be seen by the masses? That is one of the first things any blogger or business should be asking themselves. If you haven’t heard of crowdsourcing you can be missing out on some serious exposure when marketing your content. It is not something you should take lightly. The concept behind it is what well-known brands and marketers have been using for decades to have other people help market their content for them. Bloggers can get the same kind of leverage using our platform. Combining crowdsourcing with social media can be a very powerful content marketing and growth hacking strategy.

Crowdsourcing isn’t for Everyone

Developing partnerships with large groups of people with similar interest who are willing to help you is the best way to go about marketing your content if you can. Crowdsourcing does this to an extent but you usually don’t even know who your outsourcers are exactly. There is nothing wrong with that since the only thing that really matters is leveraging as many people you can to help achieve your goals. This can be expensive or nearly impossible to find if you do not know how to sell yourself or present your product or service effectively. Branding usually plays a key role in acquiring the best crowdsourcers. The average blogger doesn’t have the followers like well-known marketers and brands so they have to be creative. They can use blog syndication tools with a social media syndication platform to produce the same kind of results.

Crowdsource with Social Media social sharing

Active social media users are the crowd you really want sharing your content. It is because they usually have plenty of people in their circles who you’d probably like to present your content to. If you haven’t noticed already, social media advertising is growing rapidly. Many social networks and bookmarking sites like Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, and Reddit have just recently started allowing adverting on their site. Social media syndication is a strategy you can use to outsource your marketing efforts on all the social networks. It will help reduce or even eliminate your cost of marketing on these networks by leveraging people to share your content. If you can growth hack your way onto hundreds or even thousands of social media profiles, then it can take your marketing and branding efforts to the next level.

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