Do’s and Dont’s of Social Signals

Whether you are a company or a person, you all love it when someone shares your content on any of the most used social sites. Every time that occurs, it sends out signals that tell everyone what you create is important! That is why gaining them organically is the only way you want to get them. If you are not getting them one by one then you could be doing some negative branding for your business. If Facebook, Twitter, or even Google has already started removing them for you, you should immediately stop buying them or adding them unnaturally.

How to Not Gain Social Signals

social-signalsBuying Shares/Likes

You all want to look popular and send Google those social signals that can improve your search engine rankings but you don’t want to get them naturally. No business should ever in a million years purchase Facebook Likes, Tweets, Google+, or any other social signals from a broker. Doing so can do the more harm to your brand and have a negative impact on your SEO. No matter how many they promise or how good it sounds, don’t do it! Usually every single like, follow or share you’ll receive are from fake profiles and they are added in bulk. If you have ever done so, your likes will skyrocket instantaneously which then creates a red flag. Who knows how social media channels or even Google monitors these! If you have ever seen your likes start dropping, then it’s probably because these accounts involved have been deactivated and your shares manually removed. You do not want to be associated with any black-hat methods used to gain social popularity.

social media exchangesSocial Media Exchanges

All though this method allows you to gain social signals one by one, the ratio of real vs fake profiles used is still pretty low. As we mentioned before, purchasing them can result in likes/follows/shares from 100% fake accounts. Gaining them this way can result in about 70% or more of them being fake. These types of social signals are gained by having users exchange likes, shares, or followers on various social media sites. Most accounts involved in these exchanges are fake because they are used by many of the brokers who sell fake social signals as we mentioned before. They are also abused by bots to gain as many points as they can so they can then resell them in packages. You have some people who are adding real profiles on various networks to share your content, but it is far too little. These types of services provide a little better results than the previous method, but nothing like social media syndication and gaining them 100% organically.


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