Here are some common questions about our platform

How many networks will my content be shared on?

Syndr is capable of promoting your content on all the networks Onlywire and Sendible support. Here is a list of networks Onlywire supports. Here is a list of networks Sendible supports. Each member can choose to be shared on all of these if they choose. The combined supported networks of both Onlywire and Sendible, allows your content to be shared on up to 81 pages of the 50 most popular social networks, book-marking sites and blogs. This is the most any service allows by far with more added each week!

Why do I need an Onlywire or Sendible account?

Onlywire and Sendible process posts to the 50 supported social media channels your content can be distributed to. Syndr handles the syndication between our users so you can be shared on each others profiles using our algorithm. Alone Onlywire and Sendible can only update your personal profiles, with Syndr your content can be shared on other Sendible and Onlywire user profiles. If you purchase points there is no need for Sendible or Onlywire unless you’d like to gain share points on autopilot to help reduce your marketing cost.

How long before I start earning points?

You can start earning points immediately, it’s all automated. Also check out our packages here to order points.

How easy is it to use this platform?

It’s not complicated at all, just plugin your Onlywire or Sendible info and you can start submitting your content immediately. You can start gaining valuable shares in a matter of seconds.

How many shares can I expect?

When we say you have complete control, we mean it! You can select how many of your share points you want to use for each post. If you have 4,000 share points, you can use them all on 1 post or divide it amongst all of your posts. Points are gained by adding your Onlywire or Sendible account which you can gain points at a 3:1 ratio with a free account and a 1:1 ratio with any upgraded account. You can purchase more points if needed but you will earn points to share your content every time you share another users content.

How safe is this platform?

Our platform limits abuse as much as possible to ensure each and every submission provides quality social signals. We do this by limiting submissions, spinning content, drip-feeding shares and having our users content shared anonymously. We know that we cannot have our users sharing each others content non-stop, the fewer the submissions the better this system works.

What account is right for me?

We created our Free Plan for people who don’t post that often and want to test it out, our upgraded plans currently allow you to be submit up to 90 links per month and have additional features.

Is this the best platform out there to gain natural looking shares?

All of our submissions are handled through Onlywire and Sendible which are the top 3 social network and bookmark publishing services so you know your content will be published! These accounts are also managed by real people and of way better quality than any shares you can gain via social media exchange sites or brokers. The ratio of real vs fake accounts using social media syndication is way higher than any other method used to gain social signals by far. In our opinion you should never gain them any other way than by using syndication if your gonna pay for them. Shares through Syndr follow the natural patterns of content shared through social media channels. We do this by finding unique people to share your content over a period of days or even months. We also have a built in spinner to make your content unique as much as possible.

How do I view reports?

Reports can be found on the same page you submit your content. Scroll down to view Sharing History, then you can view the stats of each link you submitted by clicking on the sharing progress for each submission. Here you will find which networks your content was shared on, how often it was shared and which users shared your content.

Why should I upgrade?

Free members content is shared at a 3:1 ratio and will use 3 times as many submission in Sendible and Onlywire. Upgraded members will be shared at 1:1 ratio which allows you to gain share points faster and give you  access to our submitters that allows you to drip-feed your shares.

What is the refund policy?

We encourage our users to start out Free and upgrade after testing it out. We do not offer refunds. Members can cancel upgrade or downgrade easily via your account page or even cancel subscription via Paypal.

Are updates included?

Yes, updates will be provided for the lifetime of your subscription, we will continue to improve this platform as social media evolves. The great thing about Syndr is that each new member has the potential to provide you up to 50+ more quality social signals, views and traffic to each post you submit.

What type of support is available?

We handle our technical, billing and inquiries via social media, more info can be found here.