How Onlywire and Sendible Users can Benefit from each other

We are excited to announce our integration with Onlywire and Sendible. This new feature gives our users the ability to have their content published on all the supported networks on both platforms regardless of which platform they use! Combining these two social media management platforms with our powerful content syndication tool can be considered one of the most advanced social media marketing strategies for content distribution. Over 81 pages on 50+ social networks you can share your content on! Get Started Now!

 Adding Sendible and Onlywire Account

Head over to:

Add/Edit Services



You will need to connect your account:

Enter your Sendible or Onlywire username and password. That’s it. It will then pull all of your connected social profiles on Onlywire or Sendible. If you have accounts on both you can connect them all. Each platform is unique in the networks they can publish to as well as the tracking and reports they provide. We suggest you compare each one to make sure you can get what you are looking for.


Managing Your Profiles:

Select Networks:

After adding your account, you will see your connected networks generate below. You can select which networks you would like our service to syndicate your content to or leave it as it is. You can always add or delete your profiles on Sendible or Onlywire.

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2 comments on “How Onlywire and Sendible Users can Benefit from each other
  1. Leah says:

    I added my Sendible info, is there anything else I need to do to have Onlywire users share my post, or is it automatic?

    • SyndicationMasters says:

      Hello Leah,

      Whether you are a member of Onlywire or Sendible, you will be get the benefits of being shared to all supported networks supported by both platforms since some of our members are Onlywire users.


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