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We wanted to create a quick user guide to help our users setup their accounts at minimum cost while establishing a productive content syndication method for their business or blog.  Our goal is to help you establish a system that allows our platform to work for you in the best way possible. This means helping you get any new content you post in Syndr distributed to hundreds of people’s social media profiles on the top 50 social media channels effectively. If you don’t quite understand our service yet we suggest you view this post first.

Selecting a Plan

We have a basic free plan as well as paid plans for professional bloggers and marketers. Free plans earn points at slower rate then upgraded plans and also do not allow dripping shares or have access to our built in spinner. Our system will soon be able to handle the larger SEO firms and resellers who blog hundreds or even thousands of times per month. Our current plans only support up to 90 posts per month. If you need more submissions you can always open up more accounts. You can upgrade or downgrade as needed here.

Earning Points 1000points

As many of you may already know, Syndr allows you to earn free points by connecting your Sendible or Onlywire account. It is not required because points can also be purchased but it will allow you to earn free points on auto-pilot as you share other members content. Each point allows your content to be shared randomly to one of our members social media profiles. Since our platform can be 100% automatic this may come in handy for a lot of people. All you would ever have to do is add your RSS feed and as your new points come in your content will be shared at your set rate determined for each feeds post. Many of our users may not want to purchase points or only so many if they are not blogging that often so in the next paragraph you will learn how to earn free points with Onlywire and Sendible.

Many users inquire what’s the best way to set up everything to fulfill their content syndication needs with Onlywire and we tell them to purchase the yearly Onlywire plan for $60 per year. This allows them to add 50 accounts to help them earn free points daily. The yearly plans also are half off the monthly price. Sendible can be used as an alternative. For those of you who already have Onlywire or Sendible setup can easily plugin your login information here and our system will pull any of the accounts you have added and you’ll start earning free points in no time! If you are interested in earning free points but do not have the time we suggest you hire someone to set it up for you. Fiverr has many sellers offering complete Onlywire or Sendible setup with prices starting as low as $5.

Syndicating your Content

This is what Syndr is all about, getting your content shared in the most natural manner. This means you want to have a formula that shares your content anonymously over a set time-frame which is pretty much unpredictable. Although it depends on your current blogging methods and traffic we can suggest to you a strategy that works best for you. This is where it all takes place.

Posting Manually or Automatic

You can either post each content manually or add an RSS feed that will pull it automatically from your website. As far as adding Titles, Tags and Descriptions we have a built in spinner with a great filter so do not use any spintax because it will show up on social networks that way. The next step is to choose which networks you want your content shared on, we suggest leaving them all checked so you will have more diversity. You will also have more suppliers willing to share your content by your determined drip-feed rate.

Setting Drip-rate

We have a unpredictable drip system that will send out your content in random bursts and it randomly selects a user to share your content at your determined rate. Our formula will have some people share your content almost every time, some people sometimes and others never. This helps keep our system unpredictable while helping you establish some sort of user base and most importantly keeping our network safe. We suggest sharing content steadily over a period of 15 days to 1 month. This will help you build up steady social signals just like popular viral content.

Viewing Reports

Reports can be found on the user Dashboard or on the submitter page. You will see who shared your content, when it was shared and where. Syndr does not do any publishing to the actual networks we just handle the syndication. We use Onlywire and Sendible to deliver the actual content.

Closing Statement

Safety of the system is of the most importance and we try our best to distribute your content using natural share patterns as much as possible in an unpredictable manner. Our platform is very thorough at doing it’s job if you can allow it to work for you. Syndr is not an extreme system that promises to flood your site with social media shares but its designed to evolve with your business. We suggest you work your way up and don’t focus so much on shares, 20-50 is a good start and over time increase in increments. Since we send out shares in small random bursts until each post meets it’s share requirements each post is guaranteed to have a different share time. Our system will come as close as possible to meet your required drip-rate. This way you are showing progress over time all resulting in a user base while showing steady addition of new unique accounts sharing your content over a set period you determine. If you have any questions please message on FaceBook, we will happily answer any questions or concerns.


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