Why Sendible is King of Social Media Management

We wanted to share with our readers why we believe Sendible is a complete social media management platform. Out of all other services, only Sendible can provide the means to distribute your content effectively to more pages per social media channel. For example,  you can schedule posts to update your Facebook profile, page, group page, event, and notes. That’s like every possible way you can post to Facebook, a complete integration. Not only can it reach almost every part of all the important social networks, but it provides the best tracking we have seen.

Monitoring and Tracking

Many people know about Sendible’s management abilities, but may not know about their ability to monitor any mentions and shares of your content on over 100 social media channels and news feeds. For example, every time someone shares your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or even ends up in Google News results, you will be emailed a report. You can also download these reports and be guided as far as which mentions you should respond to. If you care little about their analytics and tracking, you can still use our system to publish on all the networks they support rather you have their service or not.

Evolution of your Brand

Besides all of those great monitoring and tracking reports, you also get to measure how your brand has evolved over time. You will see how your fans/followers have increased and how you you can improve engagement.  This is where you will see the results of all of the hard work you have been doing as far as publishing and updating your profiles. The reports are incredible at tracking which pieces of content and links performed best in engaging users. If you are serious about social media, this is one of Sendible’s feature that stands out amongst it’s competitors.

They Really are the Best

Social media is all about integration and Sendible has far more than any other system, and they promise to improve their software every week. It is very exciting for our syndication service to be integrated with a company that is connected so deeply to nearly every social network, book-marking, blog site, and news service. What better way is there to approach social media then delving as deep as possible into every important network? If you are even reading this, you are probably looking to improve your brand. A well rounded tool that approaches every aspect of social media and brand management can do a lot for your business, brand or agency. It is one thing to publish your content and update your profiles, but monitoring and tracking gives you the perspective needed to take even that to the next level!


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